Friday, May 19, 2006

Are Stephen Colbert Fans Homos?

Please post your comments on whether you think Stephen Colbert fans are homos.

The evidence is hard to ignore:
Colbert's Balls on Blogs
Stephen Colbert: Liberals Debate His Balls
Colbert's Balls Divide Democrats

I don't want to sway your judgement, but the people leaving comments on ThankYouStephenColbert.Org are the most embarrassing collection of losers and homos that I've seen since we were featured on FARK.COM. In fact, I rank them second only to the Farking Losers of FARK.COM in total time-wasting loserdom and homo-geneity. I have dubbed these Stephen Colbert-worshiping homos with their own, neat moniker. From this day forward, they will be known as CoMos.


Colbert Fan said...

I think Richard Quick, Esq. is the HOMO.

Angus O'Mann said...

It is odd how obsessed these fans are with this man's genitalia, and talking about it. I could indicate sexual tension or confusion. But that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with that. The Democratic party has always been the more effeminate party, and they've provided some darn good heads of state who weren't afraid to take the hard issues firmly in hand.

arevolutionofone said...

Sir, I think that you have an obsession with liberals obsession with Stephen Colberts balls. Methinks the self-made man doth protest too much. It's like the guy who hates queers because he's in denial. I think it's time now for you to move on and let Stephen Colberts balls go.

Stand up and fight the powers.

Steve the Pirate said...

Hey Colbert fan:

Get Colbert's balls out of your mouth and maybe you could engage in a decent debate.

Steve the Pirate said...

Hey Colbert fan:

Get Colbert's balls out of your mouth and maybe you could engage in a decent debate.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

I do not hate "queers" as you call them. Homosexuals are a demographic with high earning power and disposable income. I respect that. And they can't reproduce liberal offspring like Dee, Colbert Fan, and Sara of the National Gross Happiness Team. I really like that.

Colbert Fan said...

At least he has balls. I'm sure some guy who has to call himself Pirate Steve is compensating for not having any. Colbert courageously bashed the hypocrisy, the war, the cronyism, the corruption and the innate dishonesty of George Bush and his administration. What courage that took, how nervous and afraid he must have been. Like a true hero, Stephen overcame fear with courage, and demonstrated unmatched heroism.

It's not hard to put on a uniform , hold a gun and do what you're told. Big deal. It takes courage to do what Colbert did at the WHPC dinner.

VirusHead said...

I think "balls" is meant in the cultural sense of bravery. Colbert is a court jester of government and media - it's his job.

But I wonder why you focus on testicles as indicative of homosexuality? Are you ashamed of yours or something?

If you're an alpha-type male as you seem to suggest in this blog - you know, all power-oriented and all, why would you think that a guy "with balls" implies homosexuality?

I'm a female Colbert fan.

VirusHead said...

Oh, and thanks for the invite to respond.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Virushead: Welcome! A liberal with a vocabulary! finally! However, it's not "balls" I equate with homosexuality, it's comments like these:

Dan Martin: "You have balls. I like balls."
Jeff Tarbell: "I salute your gigantic, red, white and blue balls."
Jacques Lambert: "…I applaud your balls, sir. I really do. I don’t generally applaud another man’s balls but in this case, it is called for."
Scott Faulkner: "I salute your balls, sir!"
HL Mungo Says: "…I told my son that I would be proud if he grew up to have balls like yours."

Just because your female doesn't mean you're not a "CoMo" (A Colbert Fan Homo. I coined that myself.)

VirusHead said...

Thanks for the welcome, double thanks for welcoming as a Liberal, since the meaning of the word seems to have become skewed in the public imagination.

I think those quotes are very funny. They seem quite secure in their masculinity to me. A cognitive dissonance such as a mild cultural transgression can create humor.

A good example is the Baldwin sketch on SNL about his "Schwetty Balls."

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

A woman who can use "cognitive dissonance" "mild cultural transgression" and "schwetty balls" in the same post. i think i'm in love. RQ

VirusHead said...

I wonder why Bush's bulging codpiece at the "Mission Accomplished" fantasy photo-op didn't inspire the same kind of admiration? To me, the chickenhawk rush into war lacked "balls" although there seemed to be a need to assert dominance.

The soldiers who serve, the ones who speak up for freedom and justice, the ones who follow the trail of corruption, and the patriots who refuse to be manipulated are the ones "with balls."

It did take some nerve to perform this right in front of Bush. I admire that, and it seems some others do too, but it's shocking that we're shocked when someone actually says some of the things they should be saying more openly. When did Americans become so timid?

It's good to be able to point to some liberals who might actually have 'em. Despite the rumours, I don't think Hillary does (grin). In the context of figures like McCain, Spector, Lieberman, and so on, it's good to see someone that stands up to be counted.

And.... liberals (like me) are sick of being portrayed as "sissies." Supporting equal rights, civil liberty, and separation of church and state doesn't mean we lack courage.

Eric Jasso said...

Uh, claim to be a gazzilionaire, but you can't afford a decent photographer? Six shots on Flickr...six shots of equal crapness? Donald Trump. Maybe he can tell you who he uses.

R2K said...

No I dont think they are homos, since I am one of them.

Not as much from his current show, the colber rapor, but from Strangers with Candy, the best show ever.

Steve the Pirate said...

It's not hard to put on a uniform , hold a gun and do what you're told. Big deal. It takes courage to do what Colbert did at the WHPC dinner.

Yep, just like it takes courage to make a multi-million dollar fiction flick to attack the President. Yeah, a whole lot of courage.

Colbert didn't do what he did because he's "brave," he did what he did to garner more viewers to his retarded spoof of Bill O'Reilly. He just wanted to impress the hate-filled lefties such as yourself and reinforce his dropping viewership.

And you took the bait, hook line and sinker. Stop being such a Demtard and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

As for what I'm "compensating" for, I tossed around the idea of making a witty little quip about your maternal parental unit but decided against it. I don't have to stoop so low. I do, however, repeat the call for you to remove Colbert's balls from your mouth.

Have a nice day, Colbert fan. Turn off Comedy Central and open up a book. Jon Stewart's "book" doesn't count.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Thar she blows!!! Hey, that could be the word: DEMTARD!

Steve, you make my timbers shiver with pride!

Bring Back the Guillotine said...

Steve, you make my timbers shiver with pride! -Richard Quick

This is the gayest thing I've seen on a blog in a long time. This sentence proves to me that you are a self loathing closet homosexual. This is probably why you enjoy watching an ivy league educated son of one of the most powerful men in the world dress in cowboy outfits and "clear brush."
W is basically a one man Village People act; the cowboy, the fighter pilot, the president. He dresses up as all these things, but can't do any of them. What a joke.
Quit worrying about who is gay. Just come out of the closet and you will meet a nice fella. According to your info here, you should be able to afford a nice pool boy if not.

Bring Back the Guillotine said...

I think colbert fan is right. To quote Richard earlier in the blog, "Steve, you make my timbers shiver with pride!"
This is without doubt the quote of a self loathing closet homosexual. It's no wonder that so many conservative closeted gays love this president so much. He is basically a one man version of Village People. You have him dressing up as a cowboy, a fighter pilot, and the president, and he doesn't really do any of these things. This ivy league educated brat son of one of the most powerful men in the world passes his inability to speak or govern as good downhome folksiness. People like Richard here pretend to buy it, because they like a man who looks tough and wears neato outfits. It's laughable.
Get Dick Quick and Steve the Butt-pirate need to come out of the closet. If you are as rich as you say you are, you could find yourself a nice pool boy. And Steve, one day the president might want to play pirates with you, you never know. One can only play cowboys and planes so often before they have to switch up.
To close I would like to say that I have nothing against gay men. Just against gay men who go about bashing the ones who have had the guts to face society, and be who they are. That takes courage, AKA balls. Telling the president to his face through satire that he sucks, takes balls. None of you could have stood in a room with the president and all his chronies and told them that they suck, while being articulate and funny to boot.
If you can't handle the ball envy, don't blame that on Stephen Colbert.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Guillotine: That's a French name, right?

You missed the point (twice). I have no beef with Colbert. Colbert is a paid actor whose job is to generate viewership so that the multinational godless capitalist corporations that advertise on Comedy Central can sell more products to dumbshits. He's getting bloody rich and his minions think he's a patriot. Gandhi, Twain & MLK rolled into one. I respect that. I love a good con. It's the dumbshits I question, the CoMos: you who think you're so smart but don't even understand what game is being played. Tell me I'm wrong about that.

Gwen Hammond said...

Take me to the church, Richard.

These CoMos blather on and on about one man's balls (in frilly hats, no less), without any real logical discourse, and expect their opinions to be taken seriously.

The paralels between SC and Ghandi, Twain, and MLK...I'm not sure I understand. Now, if one of them would have mentioned Aristophanes on the other hand, that seems a more likely comparison.

VirusHead said...

Congrats on the CoMo meme, although it could also be used for self-hating gay fans of Ann Coulter. DemTard is pretty good - the one who says it performs the mindset.

I would like to suggest AnnieXian, Coltergeist, gap-GOP, christocons and amerimarks.

How about this? A fund to benefit the irony-challenged. Those that came to collect would be qualified - to be disqualified. The days of postmodern play were so short-lived...