Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Richard Quick's Love Letters & Fan Mail

Kevin Says: You’re all alone… Seek psychological help.
Stephen fan Says: That Quick guy is going all over the internet posting crap about Stephen Colbert. Richard, get a life, spend your millions, make more, show us what true blue lift yourself up by your own bootstraps American entrepreneurship really means! Stephen, heroes are known by their enemies. Judging by yours, you are the BEST!
Lora Says: Ignore Richard Quick, he’s just a tick. Stephen, thanks. We get it!
Evelyn Mills Says: Regarding Richard Quick’s negative comments about Stephen’s balls: I fear Richard doth protest too much. Pricked your shortcomings, did he Richard? To the quick.
Vivienne Says: Looks like Richard Quick has no life. His attempt to pass himself off as Stephen Colbert would be amusing if not so sad.
Also, rather infantile and pathetic to advertise himself as a “millionaire” which leads me to assume that he is not. Either way, he has no class. I looked at his site. Just another pyramid scheme and he posts here to try to pull in a few more to finance his rent, or habit....The one good thing about Richard Quick’s inane posts is that he is increasing the total count of “thanks”. Maybe he should continue on and on with the prattlings and the site will make news when the “thanks” reach 100,000!
Polo Says: Millionare Richard Quick. Why should we pay any attention to anyone who has to refer to himself as Millionaire rather than Mr. or just plain Richard Quick? Richard, you need to get out and visit with common people with common sense.
D man Says: Despite what “quickie dick” (you can get a cream for that you know) would have you believe, that wasn’t really Stephen posting a couple hundred comments ago. The guy appears to be angry that we all found Stephen so funny and is trying to punish us for it by faking like he’s our intrepid hero. Just another angry conservative that feels the tide turning and is panicked by it. Just pop another oxycontin like your hero Rush and off already. You will hardly feel the power shift at all in your current prescription induced haze. The funny thing is that by commenting in this thread, little dickie quick is actually adding to the number of thank yous and helping further publicize an event I’m sure his party would love to forget!
Glory Says: Are people actually giving credibility to this sick-quick-prick??? He’s here ONLY to disrupt and distract!!! If people engage him, or begin discussing him, he wins! He masquerades as multiple posters … and even debates himself trying to draw others in. He’s nothing more than a slime trail left by some long gone stomach-crawler and, as such, should be ignored. (I only commented at this time because i’m loath to see him reap any benefit.) It’s too bad that ignorance isn’t painful.
Elisa Says: What an idiot you are. Richard Quick is an asshole who just wants you to click on his site. He’s only pretending to be a Colbert fan.
Elisa Says: Richard Quick, you’re such a loser. Now go back to your bathroom and wank off some more.
Kevin Says: Just ignore him.

ColinS Says: (Re: post 59952) Richard Quick “Prick,”
Until you realize the biggest con on you IS the the George Bush Administration, you shall remain quite smug in your lemmings ignorance. Only then will you know that you have been royally f’d by those who really don’t give a f about you. Try as you might, you cannot dilute the “Colbert Effect.” I implore you to understand it, and it’s enlightenment. And, sooner than later man. We do need continually enlightened citizens for a healthy democracy. And so it is, the majority of Americans have begun to see the unhealty regressive ideas of this Administration and it’s enablers.

ColinS Says: (Re: post 60031) Richard Quick “Prick,” When will you understand that YOUR con IS over. When will you realize that that to try to denegrate the messenger when you have nothing to say, is getting old real fast. The majority of Americans are simply not buying that tactic anymore. Bring some intelligence, please. I suppose you wrote your “thank yous” here on a slate with chalk, no? You should spend some time commenting on the industrial military and oil conglamorates. Or, maybe you see these as godfilled capitalist corporations which you support?
David Says: 60031 - Response. COlbert is getting rich exposing the lies of our government? Hmmm…. Comedy Central is making money off of exposing the abuses of power? Did we not get a kickback (you call it “taxbreak”) in the form of a payoff (tax rebate check) for voting him into office? YOu are right, Colbert is getting rich. I’ll pay him double for him to keep on doing what he is doing. Stephen Colbert is rich, and I say he should get even more. Heck he should get a whopping 1 percent of what the oil companies and executives linked to this administration are getting.
Elisa Says: Mr. Quick, you’re truly pathetic. Get a life. Notice how everyone else here is utterly ignoring you.
Anonymous Says: To other fans of Stephen Colbert: please feel free to ignore Richard Quick.
Bring back the Guillotine says: "Steve, you make my timbers shiver with pride!" -Richard Quick This is the gayest thing I've seen on a blog in a long time. This sentence proves to me that you are a self loathing closet homosexual... To close I would like to say that I have nothing against gay men. Just against gay men who go about bashing the ones who have had the guts to face society, and be who they are.
Gwen Hammond says: If I had more time (and I don't because I actually WORK for my money), I would waste you.Waste you, I say.
Dee says: ...I highly suggest that you take my picture and link off of your blog immediately. Your posts constitute spamming and online harassment, neither of which I'm sure Google will tolerate.
Eric Jasso says: Uh, claim to be a gazzilionaire, but you can't afford a decent photographer? Six shots on Flickr...six shots of equal crapness? Donald Trump. Maybe he can tell you who he uses.

Charles said: Maybe more to the point, can you remember what it was like to not have the sort of money that gives one a sense of invulnerability and yet stand up to speak truth to power? Whatever we are in life, one day we all die; as a Christian, I believe we will be judged. We will be judged by the standard not of how much money we had, but of how we used it. Reading your site, I get the sense that you have no idea that money can be used to do anything more than obtain very temporary gratification. You ask us to envy you for the supermodels that I suppose serve as prostitutes to you. Is there one person on this earth who would love you if you had nothing at all? I get the sense not. So, rather than your envy, you have my regrets, at a life slipping away, barely lived.

ColinS Says: May 24th, 2006 at 4:09 pm (Re: post 60051, 52) Richard Quick “Prick,”
Why do you feel the need to be prick. Come out of the closet, man. It’s ok, God still loves you.
You have made you prick points. Thank you for shopping at Wal Mart, please leave now.


Steve the Pirate said...

Well, well, well.

We see the "tolerant" left in action.

It's funny how these sheep follow Colbert blindly just for the fact that he's paid to make fun of conservatives.

They pretty much have built an emotional chapel where they gather to worship this loser and right now they're in their "Inquisition" stage (Anything that doesn't worship the ground Stephen Colbert walks on must die a horrible and painful death!!!11eleven) and they're taking it out on us because we don't think Stephen Colbert is funny. Stephen Colbert is not funny. Jon Stewart is not funny. You know, if Gore would've been elected these two would still be scraping a living in comedy clubs. If anything, they should thank George W. Bush for giving them jobs and a willing audience of sheep willing to worship anything anti-Bush.

You want funny? Adam Sandler. Dave Barry. Dan Aykroid. Will Ferrell. I don't care if they're Democrats or Republicans (Sandler's a Repub., don't know about the other three); I like funny and these guys make Colbert and Stewart look like the...well, the waste of breath the both of them are. I could go on and on and on, but I think I'll stop for now.

Thanks to all the tolerant lefties out there for making sure I still have a job!

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Ay, Matey. You're a breath of fresh, albeit salty, sea air.