Saturday, May 13, 2006

Colbert’s Balls Divides Democrats

A battle has erupted on the liberal tribute website, and the divisive issue is Stephen Colbert's balls. Or, more specifically, the composition of Stephen Colbert's balls. While there is a general consensus that Stephen Colbert has balls, and that they are large, factions have formed and battle lines have been drawn between the Brass Ballers, Balls of Steel, as well as small but volatile Titanium and Granite Balls groups.

There is a consensus: Colbert has balls [Actual Posts]:
Kelly I Says: Dude… “what balls!”
Liz Kaune Says: You’ve got balls…
Matthew Miller Says: You’ve got balls!
MadAsHellNewYorker Says: Thanks for having the balls…
Dougymi Says: You’ve got BALLS
ivan Says: …What balls!
Jan Hill Says: What balls!!!!
Carmen Wolff Says: You’ve got balls.
Tom Says: Brilliant. Ballsy.
BJC Says: Thank you for having the BALLS…
Nancy Stock Says: …It is about time someone had the B@ll$
JP Says: Balls to the Wall.

Brass Ballers dominate the debate:
ik Says: Your tribute should be in Wikipedia under the definition of “Big Brass Balls”.
Elizabeth Conley Says: Thank you for your courage, your insight and your shiny brass balls.
Dain Says: … give yourself the brass balls award, because that took “mucho grudas.”
maurinsky Says: God bless you, Mr. Colbert, and God bless your Big Brass Balls.
S Nair Says: … Stephen “BrassBalls” Colbert…
Indra Says: … if you didn’t already have a pair of Stephen’s Big Brass Balls they would surely be awarded to you.
Kevin Brady Says: …Hopefully your big, brass balls will have some impact,…
Paul Weyland Says: We’re starting a movement to buy you an 800-pound pair of BRASS BALLS for your courage.
Matt Moore Says: When you say you’ve got brass balls, you hit the president over the head with them just to prove it.

Other Metals refuse to be silenced:
a mitten Says: Long live Stephen Colbert and his gigantic balls of steel!
Ed Says: You have balls of steel my man.
kenaan tabikh Says: my friends are saying you have “balls of steel”!
anonymous Says: That took titanium balls. God bless you. You are the truest patriot.
Justin Linder Says: …You got some granite balls my man!

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arevolutionofone said...

It's not division, it's what's called discourse. You see we don't all walk in lockstep like the conservative jackboots. Like the MSM's concerted effort to minimalize Colberts performance, first by ignoring it, then attempting to pan it. It's not hard to see why, because they were the targets of it. I think that we should change the saying to big brass Colberts. Because Stephen Colbert has become the embodiment of balls on this earth,