Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ten Ways to Get Rich Quick!

[Pictured at left, the Aluminum Foil Detector Beanie. Photo Credit: AFDB]

Richard Quick, Esq., America's foremost wealthbuilding expert voted America's "Most Beloved Millionaire" for five years in a row, share with you some ideas on how to start your own successful business, and Get Rich Quick!

Sell immortality with Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device! Become an affiliate reseller of visionary and genius Alex Chiu's fast-selling products, including his Eternal Life Device, and products Gorgeouspil, and Chi Flush.

Sell Peace of Mind with an AFDB franchise! According to the website, "An Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) is a type of headwear that can shield your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind control carriers." Do not wear when visiting my site.

Become a BabyCage Distributor. Not only will you make piles of cash, you'll be helping to form tomorrow's docile, housebroken consumers and voters.

Start your own Pet Island! Dog Island is a tropical success story, but there's a lot of room in the growing pet resort industry. For instance, no one has seized the low-cost tier of pet vacation spots. Parrot Apartment? Boxer Basement? Kitty Warehouse?

Open a Male Pregnancy Clinic. At last, technology has made the genders equal, and eliminated nature's liberal, feminist bias.

Turn that spare bedroom into a Home Lasik Surgery Center! Buy one of these kits and you can laser-correct your own eyeballs, then offer the popular surgery to friends and family at a fraction of what hospitals and medical doctors charge.

Sell Shades, the Lipstick for Men. Create a compelling line of shades that set of the natural contours of the male face, and you can kiss your money troubles behind.

Sell Shards O' Glass Freeze Pops Frozen treats are a hot market! But ice cream, frozen yogurt, and Italian Ice are past their prime. Get in on the trend toward glass-enriched frozen treats with Shards O' Glass Freeze Pops, the nation's top-selling frozen treats containing glass shards.

Import Gourmet Coconuts from Minnesota. Minnesota is the coconut capitol of the upper Midwest. Now you can offer high-quality Minnesota coconuts in your town.

Sell your immortal soul. Unfortunately, the market is a bit glutted with an oversupply of already-sold souls, but this company pays a competitive rate even for heavily leveraged Republican souls.

Important notice: Did you know that whenever you click on the little ads of a get-rich-quick scheme that it costs the scammers & schemers money? You know, like the ads that appear in the sidebars and headers of websites named, like, Get Rich Quick? So click a few get rich quick ads... hell, click them all... It'll be your little way of sticking to the scam. Or clickin' it to the man. Or something.

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