Monday, May 15, 2006

Richard Quick viciously attacked by founding partner of the Gross Happiness Team/GNH Team

Americans: your first amendment rights are under attack by a radical leftist group called the GNH (Gross National Happiness) TEAM. The time is now to act to protect free speech and the freedom to express your political views within the blogging community. Once they take your right to blog, they'll be coming for your guns next.

I made the mistake of entering a comment on a public blog ( only to receive a vicious email from lawyer Susan Nichols of the "GNH Team" demanding to know my identity, accusing me of sadism and cruelty and calling me "unkind" without even getting to know me. All because I dared to express my view, as an American, that I didn't think Stephen Colbert's speech at the White House Press Corp. dinner was all that funny.

I ran across the site because I was trying to find a little happiness in this dark world. I thought perhaps the Gross Happiness Team might help. Sadly, I found the "gross" in this team, but the "happiness" was nowhere in sight.

See you all on the veranda!



arevolutionofone said...

We may not agree on Colbert, Quick, but, that was pretty funny. If not spot-on. Good one. For a billionaire you seem to have a lot of time on your hands to harass people around the blogosphere. Maybe that's a luxury money affords. But you do it with some humor. And that's cool. Maybe will will move you down the list of capitalist pigs to hit first when the revolution comes. Maybe we'll move Bill Gates back to the top of the list.

Fight the powers that be.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Arevolutionof one: Bill & I are fierce competitors. Please keep me above him in the list. I'll make it worth your while. RQ