Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Wendy's product: Thumbili

Since I'm a major stockholder of Wendy's, the board begged me to provide some new product ideas that can help pump up lagging sales. (Yep, SoQuid was mine) Go buy Wendy's stock now, my students, because my new Body Parts promotion, starting with Wendy's Thumbili, will be sending same store sales into the double digits. As brilliant as my SoQuid idea is, the Thumbili will be even better! Sign up for my newsletter and stay updated.

Note to arevolutionofone: Yes, HUMAN THUMB will appear twice in the ingredient list, for emphasis.

A plea to my loyal Richard Quick, Esq. VISIT A REVOLUTION OF ONE. It is important to study the enemy, to know what he's thinking (mmm... beer...) Plus, I'm trying to bribe the poor misguided liberal into keeping me at the top of his capitalist hit list... ahead of Gates...

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