Friday, May 26, 2006

Liberal Ethics... Part Two (Updated!)

Remember Dee Hill? He has a blog called Hark Fraud! I mean, Hark Imagination!

When last he spoke, Dee dared me to contact Google AdSense to vindicate his click-swapping scam. He also threatened me, Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq. , a world-reknowned attorney and Senior Partner of Quick, Duhk & Hyde Law Firm, with a harrassment suit. Just for disagreeing with him

So I contacted Google AdSense for clarification. Their response, as any intelligent and/or ethical human would expect:

Hello Richard,

Thanks for your email. Publishers are not permitted to
encourage users to click on Google ads or bring excessive attention to ad
units for any reason. For example, sites cannot contain phrases such as
"click the ads,""support our sponsors," "visit these recommended links," or other similar language that could apply to the Google ads.
Therefore, we feel the program your friend has created would be in violation of our program policies. Please feel free to email us at if you have additional questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Winnie
The Google AdSense Team

What do you think, Lee? Are you shocked that it's not acceptable to fraudulently charge small business owners with bogus clicks? Is it unfair that these hard-working Americans who risk it all in the pursuit of the American entrepreneurial dream might have a problem paying you to sleep until noon, and donating their hard-earned money to buy you nice frilly things?

Dee, I thank you for providing such a clear picture of liberal ethics, that trait that enables you to be indignant at governmental injustice, then put ethics aside when it benefits you financially.

Liberal ethicists: Please feel free to enlighten us as to how you and Dee are really carrying the banner of righteousness for America. Unlike Dee, I'm all ears.

UPDATE: For some reason Dee Hill took down all posts related to his fraudulent you-click-mine-I'll-click-yours Adwords scam operation! In its place he has placed a bunch of whiny messages about being spammed by someone blah blah blah and lodged a complaint about my exposing his scam and showing his photograph on my site. I will take Dee's photo link down, not because I've been contacted by anyone, but because I'd feel terrible if Dee started crying. It seems shadowy figures can't operate in the light of day. So much for free speech and open debate. He threatened to sue me for harrassment for exposing his scheme. Aren't liberals for freedom of speech? Dee Hill sure used his freedom of speech to smear his employer on, although the employer was running a legitimate business and Dee just didn't feel like working that hard (or so it seemed). Isn't that the way with the liberal ethic? They'll rant and rave about their noble causes... as long as they don't have to get out of bed before 11:00 am, and just so they don't have to be held to the same ethical standards they set for everyone else.

Dee Hill: Feel free to enter your opposing view or rebuttal (look it up) in the comments. I'm not afraid of dialogue. I have never edited a comment, no matter how abusive.


Gwen Hammond said...

Please, Quick. Your antics are wearing thin.

Conservatives, such as yourself, are not going to get through to the liberal populous as long as you behave this way. Poor form, dear man, poor form. What has this man done to you?

If I had more time (and I don't because I actually WORK for my money), I would waste you.

Waste you, I say.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Gwen, you vixen, you know I would love to get wasted with you...or by you. How many scarves would I have to buy to earn you a day off work? Send me your catalogue at once.

Do not defend this criminal. I am trying to educate the liberals not to think they are one thing, while they are another. That is what diffuses their power. I am sincerely trying to help them.

The reason that we conservatives have the power is not because we are selfish evil bastards, but because we KNOW we're selfish evil bastards. We are centered. We are Stardust. We are golden. We don't have to get back to the Garden, cuz we own the friggin garden and we've already paved it over and hired some Mexican at minimum wage to park cars on it. Once the liberals admit they are lazy and shallow and selfish, they might be able to give us a bit of a fight. That's all I want... a non-retarded sparring partner. I have a dream...

Steve the Pirate said...

Conservatives, such as yourself, are not going to get through to the liberal populous as long as you behave this way.

Dear Gwen,

There is a major fallacy in your argument right here. Conservatives WILL NEVER get through to liberals because liberals are so intolerant of any opinion that varies from their own to the slightest degree. For their demands for me to be open-minded and tolerant, they sure aren't open-minded and tolerant when I tell them that I support low taxes, small government, an end to welfare, an end to illegal immigration, and mass public impalings of socialists. Okay, so I'm only kidding with the last one.

Try telling a liberal that you voted for Bush and see what happens. You'll see how open-minded and tolerant liberals really are.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

This pirate wields a sword of truth and a blunderbuss of honesty. He fearlessly makes blaguard liberals walk the planks of their own hypocrisy. When Colbert's gimmick runs its course, it'll be replaced by the Steve the Pirate show. God that will be great!

Gwen Hammond said...

Come now, Richard. I was only joking.

You know that I don't toil laboriously for my money.

Nevertheless, the catalogue is in the mail :)

Anonymous said...

I took down the post as they wished, but I asked that they address ambiguities regarding "encouraged traffic." I hope that they will amend the TOS to be more deliberate, which was exactly what I had said to you.

You're full of it. Blogger made you take your spew down before taking administrative measures. Ironic how now that you're in the wrong, you're just trying to insult your way out of it instead of taking responsibility for the bile you spew on your site. I admit that I read the AdSense TOS a little "liberally," mwa ha, but I made my corrections. Anyway, I think you're angry that someone, named this faux-fur hat lovin' liberal, took you to task on it.

And finally, the good part. You see, Richie Dick, I love argument and discourse. Really love it. The problem is, it's really hard to engage in intelligent conversation with you. You don't engage in discourse for the sake of exchanging knowledge, sharing ideas, or even to broaden your sickeningly narrow-minded view of the world. You opt for the insults. In fact, I don't think I've read one cohesive argument of yours from start to finish because you engage in straw men, red herring, and ad hominem practices -- all of which null-and-void your "wisdom."

If you weren't right, then I'm a liberal and thus I am wrong. I mean, that's the basic structure.

When you can be a little more intelligent and thoughtful, then maybe I'll stop to consider what you say. In the meantime, I'm too busy trying to make an honest day's hard work type of living.

AdSense doesn't pay the rent. :D