Monday, May 15, 2006

Stephen Colbert: Liberals debate his balls

From coconuts to church bells, from serious to awesome to pure... the mindless debate rages within the liberalagentsia who seem unconcerned with the time they waste on their employers' dimes. Here are more disturbing messages from the Stephen Colbert tribute site

Liberals debate the size of Stephen Colbert's balls:
Matthew Says: …You, my friend, have balls as big as church bells.
Chris James in Albuquerque Says: Steven, you have balls the size of coconuts…
Adam Peterton Says: balls the size of Washington
holly Says: Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, balls.. I like ‘em big.
Andrew Says: Colbert is a true American hero… With Huge Balls.
Adam Peterton Says: balls the size of Washington
Ben T Says: …balls as big as grapefruits…
Lucy B Says: Like cantaloupes, man. Giant, genetically altered, cantaloupes.
Matthew Schwartz Says: …the biggest balls on earth.
Alec Binyon Says: You have enormous, Texas sized brass balls.
ColbertForPrez Says: ...balls so large they may actually tear a rift in the space-time continuum.
Alec Binyon Says: You have enormous, Texas sized brass balls.
MWW Says: The man has brass balls the size of texas.
Matthew Schwartz Says: …the biggest balls on earth.

Stephen Colbert's balls compared:
Large Meaty Ballsack Says: Balls that rival my own.
Dan Says: you truly do have the most balls in the journalism business.
Won Garner Says: You are a hero, with the biggest balls on the planet.
RJ Says: …biggest balls of them all.
Meddling Kids Says: …bigger balls than anyone except Helen Thomas!
Bill Hicks Says: I have never seen balls of this magnitude!!!

Other attributes of Stephen Colbert's balls:
Niki Morris Says: …it must have taken some serious balls…
Joanne Says: Awesome balls
Jeff Tarbell Says: I salute your gigantic, red, white and blue balls.
JJ Says: the greatest example… pure balls i’ve ever seen…
Bob Saget Says: …mighty balls. Mighty, mighty balls.

Liberals debate the composition of the balls of Stephen Colbert
Brass: 16 Steel: 4 Titanium: 2 Granite: 1 Irony: 1
ik Says: Your tribute should be in Wikipedia under the definition of “Big Brass Balls”.
Elizabeth Conley Says: Thank you for your courage, your insight and your shiny brass balls.
Dain Says: … give yourself the brass balls award, because that took “mucho grudas.”
maurinsky Says: God bless you, Mr. Colbert, and God bless your Big Brass Balls.
S Nair Says: … Stephen “BrassBalls” Colbert…
Indra Says: … if you didn’t already have a pair of Stephen’s Big Brass Balls they would surely be awarded to you.
Kevin Brady Says: …Hopefully your big, brass balls will have some impact,…
Paul Weyland Says: We’re starting a movement to buy you an 800-pound pair of BRASS BALLS for your courage.
Matt Moore Says: When you say you’ve got brass balls, you hit the president over the head with them just to prove it.
Peter Says: …huge, shiny, brass balls.
Vytas B Says: …massive, massive brass balls.
Ray Lehtiniemi Says: Brass balls indeed!
Magorn Says: giant brass balls
honey bunny Says: you’ve got some big, brass balls, and… i have the highest respect for you. because i respect big, brass balls.
Kira Alexander Says: Those are some brass balls you have there.

a mitten Says:... gigantic balls of steel!
Ed Says: You have balls of steel my man.
kenaan tabikh Says: my friends are saying you have “balls of steel”!
Kurt W Says: You truly have balls of steel!
anonymous Says: That took titanium balls.
Justin Linder Says: …You got some granite balls my man!
amy Says: Huge balls of irony.


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arevolutionofone said...

The time wasted "on their employer's dime" is an important concern. If they work for an oil company it is sure to cut into their record profits they making off us while we are at war. While others sacrifice they get richer. If that weren't enough they're getting government subsidies and incentives at the same time.

For the other corporations as well as the oil companies, it will cut into their tax cuts on capital gains and other welfare for the rich they are receiving, again at a time of war and with the budget deficit approaching 9 trillion dollars. My heart bleeds for them.

When the revolution comes the tax on capital gains will be 100% and retroactive. And the people will take what is rightfully theirs. And we will erect a gargantuan monument to Stephen Colberts balls. I think it should be made of brass personally, but I'm willing to spend hours discussing it on blogs on some faceless evil corporation's dime before we come to a final decision.

-Fight the powers that be.