Monday, October 29, 2007

Support American Dating Crusaders Jim Peters, rank Johnson And O.D.E.R.

I just learned about an incredibly anti-American law called IMBRA that prohibits men and women from speaking to non-feminist women and the brave patriot and dating crusaders Jim Peters, rank Johnson and their organization O.D.E.R. Online Dating for Everyone's Rights that carries on the tradition started by Benjamin Franklin who wanted to have relations with French and Thomas Jefferson who wanted to have extramarital affairs in Europe without the government or his wife butting in where they don't belong... a man's business!

These guys are fighting against some Iranian women and some feminists for their right to have online relations with European women Internet brides without having to tell them about their prior arrest records, real identities. These nambla guys are hardcore cool guys. rank Johnson even wrote new words to American woman that puts feminists and Iranian women in their place on and for all.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


(Read more at: Franworst)
America's beloved Millionaire entrepreneur Richard Quick, Esq. is pleased to announce that he has finalized negotiations with the People's Republic of China to become the exclusive U.S. representative and Master Franchise holder of the GRATE FUN! Child Adventure Systems.

At a press conference outside his celebrated Asian comic-book themed restaurant KUNG POW! restaurant, Mr. Quick announced that GRATE FUN! franchise opportunities would be available as early as next month.

Quick stated he was excited to have the People's Republic of China as his new business partner in the new venture, and looked forward to future projects.

Said Quick: "We are in the people business, and who better to partner with than those with the most people? Who understands the needs of children better than the country that has pops them out by the billions?"

The Grate Fun Child Adventure System franchise opportunity will be available as an add-on to an existing business, as a stand-alone recreation center, or as a cobranded franchise integrated with QuickCo's DEEP DISCOUNT TOYS! from China (pictured, right) or with QuickCo's ChineseBaby.Com affiliate program.

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BELIEVE: It's NOT Multilevel Marketing!

ChineseBaby.Com Affiliate Program

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