Thursday, June 08, 2006

"This Just In... Your Blog Sucks"

The majority of blogs are pretentious, self-absorbed exercises in unwarranted egotism written by uninteresting people who somehow think the world is circled around, eager to read the uninteresting and unoriginal things they have to say.

Take, for instance, This Just in... Your Blog Sucks. Its stated purpose:

The goal of this blog is to give shitty writers the "green
light" to stop blogging and kill themselves and save the rest of the world
from being contaminated by their stupidity. Got a recommendation?

In fact, I do have a recommendation: Stop blogging. This guy, called "Who's your Daddy," screwed up a perfectly good idea - attacking shit blogs - by being a moron. So I gave him some recommendations of blogs to attack.

Real Headlines, Our News Take Should be renamed: Real headlines, inane, adolescent comments

Pissing and Moaning Reading this blog is like carpooling with a guy who loves to tell you about his bad case of diarrhea... every morning.

Chicago Bear Outsiders He's an outsider from more than the Bears.

Go Out Cheap in Bloomington, IL Diary of the creep eating alone at the next booth, writing reviews of his chalupa on his napkin, as if anyone anyone cares which coupon is his favorite or the sparkling bouquet of his Mountain Dew.

Local Bar and Restraunt Specials A vital and important blog. Because the world is eager for the dining opinions of someone who can't spell "restaurant."

I wonder how many of these he'll choose to disparage. Because he "writes" them all.

One thing is clear: After this stinging indictment, he'll think twice about attacking Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq.!!!

READ his pathetic attempt to disparage this great man.

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