Wednesday, June 21, 2006

GET RICH QUICK: Sell slightly war-torn real estate!

Thanks to the new Green Line Real Estate Co., the dinar bell is ringing!

When life hands you lemons, do you make lemonade?

Is that bombed out crater half empty, or half full?

How you answer these questions may well determine whether you have the positive, wealth-building mindset it takes to GET RICH QUICK! in wartime real estate speculation, or whether you’ll continue to be a disappointment to your family and friends. If you answered 1) lemonade and 2) half full to the questions above, in that order, read on! You have what it takes to Get Rich Quick! from the new real estate opportunities of GREEN LINE REAL ESTATE CO., a (Quick &) Hammond Enterprise.

Since you have passed our initial screening, (and believe us, few make it this far. You are special!) we will now give you access to the top secret real estate tips that will make you as rich as a Halliburton. The tip of the week is: Ramadi. (No, not Ramada. Ramadi. )

Ramadi is an increasingly spacious town located just 110 kilometres west of Baghdad in Iraq's largest province. While some look at Ramadi and see a stronghold of insurgent forces and Islamic extremists, such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda group, and one of the most dangerous cities in the country, smart buyers like you see real estate bargains galore, where every building two-stories and taller with an accessible rooftop can generate lucrative rental income as sniper lookouts.

Real estate prices have fallen by 40 per cent over the last six months in Ramadi. 300-square metre houses which previously sold for about 100 million Iraqi dinars (about 67,800 US dollars) are now going for about 60 million dinars. Why? Because the residents don’t have your “millionaire mindset.” Ismael al-Dulaimi, a 38-year-old who owns or leases nearly 20 properties, recently said he is packing up and moving to Baghdad "so that my children can live a relatively normal life away from daily violence and terror." Just to get out of the city, Dulaimi sold the lease on 15 shops for a total of only seven million dinars (4,700 dollars) even though the 25-year arrangement was worth 15 million dinars. al-Dulaimi will never Get Rich Quick! In real estate with that outlook… but you can!
You’re the kind of person that, when life hands you ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel, you make something special out of it. And when Green Line Real Estate offers you the incredible investment properties we’ve listed below… it’s time for you to make a killing.

Exclusive Green Line Real Estate Property Listings for RAMADI, IRAQ:

Secure and secluded valley location full of breathtaking views, surrounded by manned watch-towers and minefields for your ultimate protection!
Category - lots/land
Address - Ramadi, Iraq
For Sale/Rent by - Green Line Real Estate
Construction Year - n/a
Area - 22,000 m2
AMENITIES: Mountain View Electric and water currently available Rock garden (native limestone!) Attached bunker
NOTES: Highly motivated sellers (deceased)

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