Sunday, June 18, 2006

GET RICH QUICK: Sell FUELISH! The Top Secret Gas Booster!

Wanna get rich? Then get FUELISH!

FUELISH! is the top secret gasoline booster pill that can increase fuel efficiency and mileage 50% OR MORE while actually REDUCING EMISSIONS (so take that you tree hugging vegenazis!) Think of FUELISH! as steroids for your gas tank. And now, through an exclusive top secret program developed by QuickTech Labs, you can get as fat and rich as Lee Iaococa... by selling secret FUELISH! products to your friends and neighbors!

Through the FUELISH! investor program, you'll be richer than the neighborhood crack dealer... only without the funny clothes, late hours and jail time. Your friends and neighbors will love you because they won't have to eat macaroni & cheese every night while their SUV is suck'n down filet mignon. They'll be lined up at your back door with their money waving, begging you to let them score some of your FUELISH! top secret gas enhancement pills.

Richard Quick, Esq. and QuickTech Labs are offering this exclusive dealership opportunity to a limited number of savvy entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to invest in a sure thing, and, most importantly, know how to keep a secret. The major oil companies don't want word getting out about FUELISH! the top secret gas booster for obvious reasons, so be sure not to mention it to anyone except paying customers, especially local law enforcement, your brother-in-law the mechanic, the EPA or consumer and anti-fraud groups, the other overly serious & squealers.

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