Monday, June 05, 2006

Richard Quick, Esq.: Identity Theft Victim?

My dear wealth-building disciples:

Incredible wealth, fame and success does have its drawbacks at times. One of the unfortunate side effects is that dozens of, in my case, Richard Quick, Esq. wannabees are constantly trying to ride the coattails of my success by using my name. Some are swimming coaches, scientists, electrical engineers, web designers... men who should rely on their acheivements and accomplishments and not trying to crowd under the umbrella of the one true Richard Quick, Esq.: Richard Quick, Esq.

One such "Richard" has launched an amusing little blog called BBC Spelling Watch, in which he points out and ridicules the spelling errors on the BBC's website, proving that he has as much time to waste pursuing snickers from strangers as I and that he is willing to do so. I respect that. And while he has violated my sacred name by using it (I suppose he'll claim he's had it since birth, that he's published books or is a successful web designer or some nonsense), I feel sorry for him as it appears he is British. And if he in fact is a web designer, he is most likely in awe of my esthetically unequalled blog, and is simply compelled to somehow touch my robe.

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