Saturday, June 24, 2006

Get Rich Quick: Start a Christian Dollar Store!

Like you, I'm a sucker for bargains. Unlike you, I'm a major shareholder in WAL MART, a billionaire (multi-millionaire to the IRS) and have an entire research company to evaluate my crackpot ideas at my whim. So I ran a couple of value-store ideas up the flagpole at Quick Reasearch Group to see how viable they would be.

My first idea was a bargain store for the ultra-wealthy called Everything's-A-Million! Cars, planes, boats, trophy wives... it would all be there, and all priced at $1 Million even. The research came back unconclusive, so we're still fine-tuning the concept.

The second idea was an immediate winner: The Christian dollar store. The research group said that my original idea was brilliant (of course) and that the concept had a nearly 100% likelihood of success, supported by the fact that ChristianDollarStore.Com was already doing it.

So we decided to create a manufacturing company to produce Christian "trinket and trash (as we affectionately refer to our divine product line). So now you can GET RICH QUICK! selling quality Christian products like Bible tins with cross-shaped mints, American "Fish Flag" pins (pictured), Tangy scripture candy, and t-shirts that read "Jesus. Sweet Savior. King of Kings" designed to look like the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups logo... And I'll get even richer selling you garageloads of the stuff!

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