Monday, June 05, 2006

Richard Quick offers name infringement amnesty; "RICHARD QUICKS": CHOOSE YOUR NEW NAME!

I have sent cease & desist requests to the large number of individuals who are currently using my name, Richard Quick. I am flattered, but it must stop. I am sending them an amnesty offer that they must change their names immediately or risk the legal wrath of the Law Firm of Quick, Duhk, & Hyde.

But being a kind and benevolent millionaire, I am using some of my undocumented computer lackies to come up with a list of alternative, computer generated subsitutes for "Richard Quick." Richard Quick Wannabees: Please reserve your name of choice by leaving a comment or contacting me ( These names will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

I have a feeling Captain Morty Flint will be going fast!

QUIRI WILON of the Planet Vioxx
(compliments of the Jedi Name Generator)

Richirude kuikuku
(compliments of the Japanese Name Generator)

(compliments of the Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator)

Aku Bolkiah, a general auditor of the Standard Bank of South Africa
(compliments of the Scammer Name Generator)

Maharaja of Wickedness (Known in some parts of the world as: Shiva of The Cursed)
(compliments of the Vampire Name Generator)

Fire Icefrost
(compliments of the Fairy Name Generator)

Cold G-Ride Bouncer
(compliments of the Gangsta Name Generator)

Golden Brown Richard Dogg
(compliments of the Pimp Name Generator)

Captain Morty Flint
(compliments of the Pirate Name Generator)

(compliments of the Reggae Name Generator)

"Richard Quicks" contacted thus far:
Website designer Richard Quick (
Forest Service Richard Quick (
Photographer Richard Quick (beautiful photography
Mathematician Richard Quick
Coil inventor Richard Quick
Email Expert Richard Quick
Cat Products merchant Richard Quick (
Detroit Board of Education Richard Quick
Visionary Richard Quick (

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