Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MultiFamily Chateau: Rendition Ready!

It's time to get your real estate career Iraq'n Rolling with this one-of-kind property from Greenline Real Estate, a (Quick &) Hammond Company. This luxury Chateau is 100% insurgent-free, and is perfectly suited for multiple families. Amenities include fortified sniper perch and pre-pitted exterior AND interior walls. The extraordinary rendition chamber is completely soundproof with a discrete, unlit rear door, making extra rental income generation a no-brainer!

Call soon, because this bargain could disappear at any moment!

Gorgeous 2 story, 4 bedroom Iraqi chateau in the Aswah-Hedelfah neighborhood of quaint, historic Olde Al-Mansur.
Category - house/compound
Grave type - medium to shallow
Address - Located near Al-Mansur, Iraq
For Sale/Rent by - Green Line Real Estate
Construction Year - n/a
Reason for selling - Classified
AMENITIES: Mudbrick walls 4 bedrooms elec. and water currently avail. Quiet, increasingly spacious street Extraordinary rendition chamber is soundproof with private access fortified sniper perch with magnificent view 100% insurgent-free

Property Listings are courtesy Greenline Real Estate, a (Quick &) Hammond Company. Not affiliated with the U.S. Government, Central Intelligence Agency or affiliates.

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