Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another loser attacks RQ... and no one notices.

I guess I was insulted by some moron with a blog called This Just In... Your Blog Sucks.

The insult came back on March 9, 2006 but no one visits any of this guy's 20 pathetic blogs, which are in various states of abandon. I just noticed it when one of my servants handed me a list of the thousands of mentions of me there are on the Internet. This Just In... Your Blog Sucks showed up on the "Not worth viewing... pathetic losers" page.

The guy named Whosyourdaddy wrote this whole horrendous story back on March 9, trying to be clever, and absolutely no one even noticed.

Truth is, I thought: This Just In... Your Blog Sucks is a cool idea... a blog that disparages others, rips them to shreds... wish I thought of that!

Then I read another of his blogs, one about cheap eats in Bloomington "I'd rather die than live there" IL. These just made me sad.

Poor pathetic loser. If I were capable of pity, I'd heap some on this schmuck.

He actually writes a review of Quizno's as if its Chez Richard. He actually posts, in public, embarrassing lines like:
I love Quizno's. I recently moved to Morton just so I could be near one.
Bread - good. Meat - good. Sauce - good. Pepper bar - GOOOOOOOOOD!
After his $2 coupon, Quizno's still is an extravagent splurge:

OK, I love the place but $6 plus for a sammich (even with chips
and a drink) is too much for lunch.The sandwich itself was outstanding. The
main complaint I had was that the Diet Pepsi dispenser fizzes up so much you get
like half a cup once the foam subsides.

Oh My God, that's not enough. He adds this expert tip:

Tip: Sign up for Quizno's newsletter. Each month they send out an e-mail and you
can print coupons directly off of their website (link in the newsletter). My
favorite coupon is a buy one get one free which is good after 3pm on weekdays,
and all the time on weekends. You can get two subs, two chips, and two drinks
for less than $10 when using it. That's a good, cheap lunch or dinner for two

I would feel guilty making fun of this guy because the retarded are off limits even for RQ, but the fact that he has a site called This Just In... Your Blog Sucks is a mitigating factor.

Not to mention he dared to take a run at me. ME?!

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