Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Unworthy Charity #1: Ken's Medieval History PhD & book

The first submission for Richard Quick's Top Unworthy Charities of 2006 comes from Publisher, Founder, CEO, and "Chairman of the Bored" of the misguided anti-commercialist (!) site Corporate Motherfucker ( Begs Ken: ""I ask that you endow a scholarship to put me through my Ph.D in medieval history and buy a publishing company to publish my book." Mr. Mondschein meets several of my criteria for unworthy charities: He is a reformed Ren-faire jouster, and an "avid student" of historical fencing. He quotes Allen "The Barde of Edinburgh" Ginsburg. He either shares my fondness for Newcastle Ale or he has a serious growth on his left cheek. And he knows how to appeal to investors (Well, fuck you. We're not selling out. All the same, we want to start a print magazine. If you have money and no desire to make a profit, please contact Ken Mondschein at I believe any donations you can make to the Send-Ken-to-the-Middle-Ages Fund will be money well-spent. That way his anti-capitalist, leftist opinions will be forever contained in that liberal cone-of-silence we call Academia. Learn more at

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Old Man Morri said...

Newcastle brown ale!

what a fucking northern-a!

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

You can't judge a man by the direction his toilet water flushes, Morri. Truth be told, I prefer to drink PISS. PISS Beer, that is. Ever tried it?

Old Man Morri said...

actually i have about 8 years ago it was popular, for a minute, then we drank it, then it went the way of duff, and now costs money.
piss poor if you ask me Rich.

Back to you in the studio,