Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I regret to have to waste everybody's time, but I must stop to defend my good name and reputation, as well as those who follow my wealth-building teachings. It is difficult when my integrity comes under attack, but because it reflects poorly on you, my minions. A certain ex-discple of mine has chosen to personally attack and slander my good reputation in the public forum of the Rip-Off Report.

The Rip-Off Report is a fine and respected consumer grievance site that helps separate scams from legitimate business opportunities such as those I promote in "Richard Quick's Essential Guide to Legitimate Business Opportunities I Promote." I hold R.O.R Founder Ed Magdeson in the highest regard, and feel he deserves a medal of honor for his consumer protectionism. It is unfortunate that Reverend Krok (a fitting name) chooses this forum to spew his lies. I unequivocably deny all his negative accusations and affirm those deemed impressive. He shall hear from my lawyer (me). Thank you for all the letters and emails of support. See you on the veranda! RQ


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