Saturday, March 11, 2006

PRAISE for Richard Quick, Esq.!!!

I am too modest to post all the praise and lover letters I receive, so I dictate to a servant girl and have her post them. Thanks for your kind words and appreciation. See you on the veranda! RQ, E

Farker Timothy Broyles (on behalf of the entire Fark community) writes: As a long time member of the Fark community, I think I speak for most of us when I say...Huh? Who the hell are you? I've never heard of you until your little "contest" came to light. When did we ever talk about you? As for the education part, wow, you must be so intelligent to slam and entire group of people because of some slight perpetrated against you by a few people (though again, I've never heard of you before now). I'm sure you're much cooler than us because you have money. That makes you super cool, right? By the way, of all the Farkers I personally know, which is a few, not one of them graduated from a community college, but an actually university [sic]. Surprise surprise, they also hold real jobs, making pretty damn good money. I'm sorry if you're upset about what people you don't even know are saying about you, but if you're that thin skinned, then maybe you should go hide in a hole and stay of the internet [sic].
RQ responds: Thanks, Tim! Look for an excerpt of your message ("...You're much cooler than us because you have money." Tim Broyles) on the back cover of my upcoming book on the Fark community. You'll be famous! Going to an "actually university" paid off! Take care, and you stay "of the internet" too! RQ, E

Farker Ken writes: You would make a great Billionaire for Bush!
RQ responds: You're right. I already am! Thanks, Ken!

Farker MH writes: This has gotta be one of the best parody sites I've seen in a while. Brilliant.
RQ responds: Parody?

TricycleRacer writes: I hit it. Hard. In 1998 in Manhattan, I bumped into Richard Quick at the Parker Meridien. He was a complete gentleman and asked before insertion.
RQ responds: I think I remember you TR, but not your face. 1998 was a busy year, but I was always tried to be a gentleman.

Farker Splftwst writes: "Farking Losers. Fark you, you farking farks." wow this is how self made millionaires spend their time? bitching aboot a website that posts links for people to laugh at, what kind of sense does that make? Have you had your UFIA today?
RQ responds: It wasn't my intention to bitch "aboot" the Fark website, just the farking losers, child molesters, and Canadians who hang "aboot" there. And what's UFIA? Unusually Farked-up Idiots United?

Farking Pam writes: I have nominated you for This Just In ... Your Blog Sucks ...
RQ responds: Thanks, Pam! Let me know how we do!

GibsonAV writes: Now THIS is funny stuff:"...God put us on earth to... Make money."So not only are you among the torrid drones and leaches out there making millions by showing others...nothing...but you're going to hide behind the bible curtain (and poorly I might add) to get their attention...and money. Amazing. The terms shyster and crackpot don't do you justice. No doubt you'll use your "comment moderation" to edit this down to a level you can rebutt or ridicule, but at least YOU'LL have read it all.
RQ responds: Congratulations, GibsonAV! An excerpt of your comments and your name will appear on my next book cover ("Now THIS is funny stuff... the terms shyster and crackpot don't do you justice!" GibsonAV) By the way, where did you find those bible curtains? I've been looking everywhere!

OldManMorri writes: this is your best work yet.
RQ responds: You are a class act, Morri, both wise and correct. See you in church.

R writes: Great site! I can't wait for your billionaire line of "U got pwned" t-shirts. Good luck with your coming out party!
RQ responds: Thanks, R. I hope it's as much fun as my going in party!

SethFilms writes: Finally, a guy with more time on his hands than me. Well done.
RQ responds: Thanks. Praise like yours is... rare.


Old Man Morri said...

Hey rich.
I would like to officially nominate;'ve%20Been%20Called%20Worse

For the Farking ugliest Fark awards. ( keep an eye out for the jpeg of the twins at the bottom )Perhaps you could streamline this competition and have a ballot on your blog, these mingers are hard to keep track of and log.


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Your nomination is accepted, but questioned. You obviously have never experienced a threesome with a pagan librarian, cupcakes and her dog. If you meant to nominate the loser organization she belongs to,, I'd say you have a good chance. Only overeducated liberal lesbo losers could come up with an organization based on what they DON'T believe. RQ, E

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

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