Friday, March 10, 2006

Richard Quick Announces Farking Ugliest Farker Contest!

It has always been the way of peasants to malign their superiors. We elite understand that it helps them get through their miserable days, which is necessary for productivity and building wealth for us, so we tolerate it, just as we tolerate their poor hygiene. But recently, these attacks on me have become personal. I have received reports of posts on the forum of low-life cesspool, and some on my own site, that question my manhood, virility, and the size of my manstick. When insects become too annoying, they must be swatted.

So I am proud to announce Richard Quick's First Annual Farking Ugliest Farker Contest & search for the fugliest member of the fugliest group of timewasting, ghetto-squatting, community-college-degreed, self-righteouness-exuding and stupidity spewing losers on the web today. Simply email your nominations to*. Include name, picture. Please use spelling.

* Richard Quick proudly uses email by Yahoo!, helping to jail chinese dissidents since 2005!

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