Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mt. Goat & PISS beers to merge?

This just reported in the respected Aussie Financial News & Beer Report: Stocks soared on the Australian Mercantile Exchange on rumors of a merger between Mountain Goat Beer and PISS Beer to create a Super Premium Goat Piss Beer line. Also fueling activity are reports that American Millionaire Extraordinaire Richard quick, Esq. is courting each company for North American import and bottling rights, and in talks with PISS for creation of a boutique American-style microbrew "Richard quick's Own PISS: The Sweet Taste of Success" specifically developed for the refined American beer palette."

Little known facts about Australia: Beer is traded as a commodity on the Australian stock market. The Australian language has over 50 words for hangover and more than 100 words and phrases for alcohol-induced vomiting.

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