Friday, July 14, 2006

Vegenazis are on the attack!

Vegenista Terrorists are on the Attack, America, and they want to take away your God-given right to sup on the food chain at your discretion.

Chicago has BANNED FOIE GRAS! That's right: in a few weeks, you can be arrested for possession of foie gras! Wake up, gourmands. This is just the first step. Now, Whole Foods has banned the sale of live lobsters in their stores! They're eyeing your butter sauce! Your eggs are next! And then your burgers!

I for one am taking a stand. They can have my grilled foie gras with cherry chutney and peppercorn brioche when they pry it from my gold, dead, and tastefully bejewelled fingers!

1 comment:

Gwen Hammond said...

I applaud your courage, dear. I am also with you.

Our fortitude shall see us through.