Sunday, July 09, 2006

Public Statement on Richard Quick Explosives Arrest

Official Statement from the Press Room of Quick Estate regarding the reported arrest of Richard Quick by the Chino Valley Review of Chino Valley, AZ .

On 6/28/06 the Chino Valley Review of Chino Valley, AZ publicly reported that Richard Quick is facing charges for stealing dynamite and electric blasting caps from Hemphill Drilling and Blasting in Chino Valley the weekend of June 17-18.

They quoted Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) spokesman Tom Mangan as saying that Richard Quick is facing state charges of theft and possession of explosives as well as violations of federal explosive laws. They quoted Mangan as saying Richard quick is already a convicted felon, and will face even more severe penalties.

The Chino Valley Review reported that local and federal authorities stormed Richard Quick’s residence in the 3700 block of Tower Road in Castle Canyon Mesa, and found 167 sticks of dynamite, 260 electric detonators and three bags of ammonium nitrate, Mangan said. According to the Chino Valley Review: "Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office records indicate that local authorities issued a nationwide extradition warrant for Quick’s arrest, which they revoked after Quick’s apprehension on Wednesday."

On behalf of Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq., Quick, Duhk & Hyde Attorneys at Law, and the NAAWP, we would like to clarify that this individual, Richard Quick, is in no way related and is not the same person as Richard Quick, Esq. the beloved multi-millionaire and wealth-building guru who has done so much to build the wealth of those with so little going for them.

We have requested that the Chino Valley Review print a clarification in both its print and online editions making sure that there is no confusion that the dynamite-stealing, bomb-making Richard Quick of godforsaken Castle Canyon Mesa is the same Richard Quick as the inspirational empire builder Richard Quick, Esq. of Quick Mansion, Quick Estate, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Wealthy People and publisher of the acclaimed blog Get Rich Quick at

Further, we have kindly requested clarifying statements in any future reports of this miscreant, or that they use the name "Ritchie Quick" or "Rick Quick" or "Dick Quick" when reporting on him in the future.

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