Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Liberal Media Attacks Richard Quick, Esq.!

My phone has been flooded with calls, and emails have been pouring into the press office at Quick Mansion, the NAAWP office, Green Line Real Estate and the law offices of Quick, Duhk & Hyde about a news story that appeared in Arizona and was blasted out over the Internet about the arrest of Richard Quick on theft and explosives charges.

I contacted the writer, Mirsada Buric, immediately requesting an immediate printed clarification. She was initially accomodating, sending two emails:

Sir, The reason I haven't responded to you is because I was out of the
office until today. I will pass your concerns to my editors and it will be their
call how the paper will handle this situation.
In addition, the original article appeared in the Daily Courier, the only daily newspaper in the tri-city area, which includes Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.
The Chino Valley Review is a weekly and is owned by the same company. That's why my story also appeared there. Sincerely, Mirsada
Sir, After I spoke to my editors, we've decided that I could do a short story to clarify this matter. [Emphasis mine] However, I need to talk to you to get more information. Would you please send me your contact information other than email so I can call you. Thanks, Mirsada
I notified MS. Buric that I was offshore with spotty satellite reception, but if she could send me her direct number I would call when I had signal, and for her to send me the information she needed. I figured that we would have a satisfactory conclusion shortly.

No such luck. For then I receive this hamhanded email from Managing Editor Tim Wiederaenders. Mr. Wiederaenders obviously fancies himself Death Valley's answer to Perry White and Woodward & Bernstein rolled into one. Perhaps he sees the besmirching of a billionaire's reputation as his ticket out of the coyote and scorpion beat and the thriving Southwest journalism scene of Prescott, AZ.

Hello Mr. Quick:
I appreciate your willingness to call us regarding
this matter; however, I do not see that as necessary at this point.
We published in June 2006 front-page stories about the theft of explosives from
Hemphill Drilling and Blasting Company in Chino Valley, Ariz. We
also reported that the first of two arrests was Richard Anthony Quick, 28,
of Prescott Valley, Ariz. -- specifically living in the 3700 block of Tower
Road. Frankly, I find it hard to believe anyone could confuse the
situation -- Mr. Richard Anthony Quick's arrest -- with you, a
billionaire, according to your Web site. Without knowing of a
multi-millionaire Richard Quick living somewhere in the world, I believe we
satisfied our journalistic professionalism in this matter by publishing the
man's full name, age, address and hometown.
Please contact me directly
if you have any questions.
Thank you.
Tim Wiederaenders
Managing Editor
The Daily Courier, Prescott, Arizona

Mr. Wiederaenders (what nationality is that? Certainly sounds foreign. And why is he hiding out in the desert?) claims: "Frankly, I find it hard to believe anyone could confuse the situation -- Mr. Richard Anthony Quick's arrest -- with you, a billionaire." Temporarily putting aside Mr. Wiederaenders obvious struggles with grammatical syntax (English his second language perhaps?), I assume that Mr. W. is saying that if he is wrong, and people do confuse "the situation" with "me," that he is willing to print a clarifying story as originally promised by his reporter. Let's just see how deep Mr. W's "journalistic professionalism" runs when I copy him on the numerous inquiries and correspondi we have received expressing alarm and concern at my supposed arrest, and the libelous implications that i am somehow involved in terrorist activities.

I suspect that no matter how much evidence I present, Mr. W. and the political forces he represents will never follow through on their promise of clarification unless legally forced to do so. Why? Do you have to ask? This is nothing short of another example of the liberal media doing whatever it can to bring down the wealthy and powerful, to attack the patriotic, God-fearing conservative Republicans who love this country, and maintain their liberal grip on the poor deluded and impressionable minds of the American public.

I know, I am supposed to apologize for my wealth. Feel guilty for my power and influence. And be ashamed that I love my country and will die to protect all that it represents. I'm sorry, Mr. Wiederaenders and whomever is supplying your agenda, it's not going to be that easy to bully the real Richard Quick, Esq. to betray the ideals of this great nation, and to be silent in the face of liberal tyranny!


Angus O'Mann said...

I just read the news of your arrest in Arizona on charges of theft and possession of explosives. Whatever were you thinking? I know you are passionate about your causes, and trying to champion wealth-creation for the disadvantaged and daft, but violence is no solution!

I am very disappointed. I believe this news has brought about substantial harm to your reputation.


Ang O'Mann

Angus O'Mann said...


I just learned from your post that it was another "Richard Quick" who was arrested in AZ on explosives charges. It was not you! He is not related. However, the liberally biased newspaper refuses to print a clarification. Mr. W claims that I was not confused, despite the fact I was!

Imagine if someone in Arizona named "Michael Moore" was arrested on pedophilia charges, or someone named "Hillary Clinton" was arrested on prostitution charges or someone named "Stephen Colbert" was arrested on child porn, you can bet they would have clarifications all over the place. Remember when Pee Wee Herman was arrested for lewd conduct? Of course you don't. They reported about Paul Reubens, a name no one knew, to cover for their liberal leaning comic leader!

The state of journalistic integrity is troubled indeed in Prescott, AZ. It's sad to imagine how many out there will go on believing that terrible thing about you.

arevolutionofone said...

When I heard via the underground grapevine that Richard Quick had been arrested for stealing dynamite, I chuckled with the thought that Quick had finally gotten his comeuppance for his many nefarious activities. When I heard instead that it was a 28 year old gentleman, I wondered if perhaps old RQ had bought himself out of trouble and convinced a young man with the same name to take the fall.

After checking with some underground sources I see that this is as it appears. Simply a young man with the unfortunate luck to have the same name as this greedy capitalist, but lacking the good sense and wits to capitalize on that name in a positive way. But I in no way feel the least bit sorry for billionaire Richard Quick for the publicity surrounding his namesake.

You conservatives call liberals whinny. For god's sake man, quit you pissing and moaning about the liberal media and stop harrassing the good people at this newspaper who are only doing their jobs. With billions at your disposal and a good PR firm I'm sure this is just a way for you to turn this situation into more publicity for yourself.

I can only take comfort in the fact that one day that vast publicity empire will belong to the people and will be used to pump out propaganda for the revolution. The day is coming soon when the revolution will see Richard Quick on the veranda and there he will finally get the comeuppance he deserves.

-Fight the powers that be!

Reverend Harlan Krok said...

It makes my heart grieve when I see one of our own lose his way and fall under the control of the Enemy. That must indeed be what happened to our valued church member and generous patron Richard Quick, Esq.

After reading the account of your arrest on those terrible crimes in the Arizona desert, I read aloud from the Chino Valley newspaper to our entire congregation and asked them to pray for you, Richard, our fallen angel.

Though it appears you will be in prison for a long time, it is never too late to repent, and to seek forgiveness from the Lord. A large, tax-deductible donation to the Church of New Utopia certainly wouldn't hurt your case for absolution, my son.

God bless and keep you.

Reverend Harlan Krok
Church of New Utopia

Gwen Hammond said...

What in God's name is going on here, Richard? I am away for one week and this is what happens? Are you alright? Call me if you can. My tri-band is working again.

While I am shocked and appalled at the level of unprofessionalism and journalistic impotence being displayed by these liberal AZ "writers," I am not surprised that it is you whom they are attacking. They are liberal after all, and you are everything they have ever wanted to be. DO NOT APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR WEALTH. They are jealous of you. Vultures.

I have Marci and Don looking into it right now. The jet is in Saratoge but will be on stand-by if you need it.


Richard Quick, Millionaire said...


I cannot thank you enough. Gwen: I don't think I'll need the jet, though if you wouldn't mind taking my house guest EnnethKay AyLay for the weekend, that would be grand. Not even dead a week and he's getting on my nerves.

Also, please check your sources and see what's known about this Tim Wiederaenders. Sounds like an alias... they use unspellable names as a smoke screen. ARevolutionof One: if he is one of your operatives I promise we will hit your operation and hit it hard. You will get a taste of some extraordinary renditions yet, my revolutionary friend.

I haven't heard from the Chino Valley Review today. I have half a mind to buy the Prescott Newspapers and clean house. However, my controller begs me to hold off any more vendetta acquisitions until next fiscal year.

Dr. Severenz said...

Mr. Quick,

I am sorry to inform you this way but, after perusing information that the NBHE has provided me regarding your terrorist activities in AZ, I will be filing a request for our organization to repeal the award that was recently bestowed upon you, for reasons of moral degeneracy and despicable character. Unless I promptly receive alternative documentation stating otherwise, please understand that this is merely protocol on the part of our organization.

I have been trying to reach you but your phone has not been working. Feel free to fax, email, or call my office.


Dr. Phillip Severenz
President, National Board of Human Excellence

Reverend Harlan Krok said...


I have just heard that I fell for the same duplicitous reporting that confounded so many members of my congregation. I deeply regret adding to the confusion so expertly set in motion by the liberally biased media.

But congratulations on your $3.5 million EEOC award against Supercuts! You are truly a champion of the little man! I am sure you will be using the proceeds for some positive, charitable purpose (hint hint), and for that, sir, I commend you.

Yours in Faith,

Harlan Krok
Interfaith Church of New Utopia

CourierSkeptic said...

Are you INSANE? Have you copyrighted your name? If you are involved in activities that would cause people to think this person is you, then that is your fault. If your personality and demeanor would cause people to think that this was you, that is also your fault. Get a freakin' life.

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Courier Skeptic: Who is the insane one here? Let's let the court of public opinion decide.

Me: Multimillionaire. Own a law firm, jet and mansions on five continents.

You: Live in Prescott, Ari-Freakin-Zona. Have a profile that says you were born in the year of the rabbit. Spend your time reading and commenting on MY blog.

If you weren't already so pathetic, I'd send my namesake to your place with a big red birthday candle. But you are... So relax.

(Wonder what they do in Prescott, AZ for fun. Iguana races? Skin cancer growth competitions?)

See you on the veranda,