Sunday, July 16, 2006

Join Traffic Whores Anonymous (TWA)!

Post a comment with your blog address and a short description of your site. All that's required for acceptance is a desire to be a better Traffic Whore. We are a non-profit group with the common goal of Whoring Traffic One Blog at a Time.

You are among fellow Traffic Whores, here. The rules are different. Self-nomination is something to be proud of. We all admit that we are powerless over obscurity, and we look to a Higher Power (Traffic) to deliver us.

TWA Members:

1. Gwen Hammond's Upper Echelon (Nominated by Richard Quick)
2. The Soda Stand (Nominated by Richard Quick)
3. Get Rich Quick! (Nominated by Richard Quick)
4. You. Send me your Web Link and how you hoor traffic and I might give you some.
5. Bloggasm (Nominated by Richard Quick)
6. I Talk 2 Much (Nominated by Richard Quick)

Member Notes:

1. This Gwen Hammond is a divine inspiration, the Queen of Traffic Whores. There's nothing this woman won't do for traffic. And I mean nothing. [Note: yes, Gwen was originally in the #3 spot but she threw a fit. She is a high maintenance diva, but that's the way with pure breds. And I did tell her she'd always be my #1 hoor.
2. This is the woman who inspired TWA. I found her blog through a Google Blog search for "Traffic Whore" and was moved by her words: "I like traffic to my blog. I could be considered a traffic whore. The more traffic, the happier I am."
3. The original Traffic Whore. When I was at my worst, there was nothing I wouldn't do to get traffic. When I was at my best, I got it. And since you're here, it must be working.
4. If you've got a blog, yoor a hoor. You're just not good at it, or your URL would be posted here. put your weblink in the comments & tell us how you hoor traffic. I may grant you some.
5. Simon Owens gets a nomination for his 5-question interview that builds quick easy content & links.
6. At I Talk 2 Much, blogger morons volunteer to be told they are douchebags and that no one cares about their ugly ass kids, their ugly ass pets, their ugly ass husbands, their ugly ass lives or their ugly asses. I also nominate them because I'm hopelessly in love with the sweet, demure and curvaceous Ms. Chatty.


Gwen Hammond said...

I have noticed that I am in third place, so I'd like to take this opportunity to second my nomination with hopes that it might advance my blog to position # 2.


Gwen Hammond

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Gwenny, you are so high maintenance. But you know you will always be #1 on any whore list I compile!