Wednesday, November 15, 2006

QuickCo Employees must boost my Technorati rating or face dismissal

This is my blog. Despite the fact that I have an entire interactive division at my disposal, I built GET RICH QUICK! with my own two fingers. I built it to help people achieve the same kind of prosperity that I have managed to achieve. I make others successful. I enhance lives, such as the way I enhance your live every two weeks when you get your paycheck even if you've been slacking and cruising porn sites for half your working hours (Jerry).

So if you disrespect GET RICH QUICK! you disrespect me. And if you disrespect ME, you disrespect the company that is paying you the paycheck that you have no right to be taking. If you disprespect your company, you are taking bread from the mouths of the children of your co-workers and deserve to be dealt with in ways I don't even want to know about, for legal reasons.

The point is, my Technorati rating is a dismal 180,182.

If this rating doesn't start improving, heads are going to roll. So I advise each and every one of you to click on the link below and choose this site as one of your favorites. If you have a blog, create an inbound link to me. I don't know how else you build these ratings, but figure it out and do it, or so help me god you'll be applying for a Bumvertising job within weeks. And don't even think about Unemployment Compensation, that welfare for lazy commie slackers. We've never had to pay a claim yet, and never will.

Conversely, show evidence that you're helping my ratings and you will be duly rewarded. Add a comment, and you shall be blessed.

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Sherer said...

That is a great post, I am going to have to say. The head are going to roll part was my favorite. I will favorite you