Thursday, November 30, 2006

Useless Men Praise Richard Quick, Esq.'s GET RICH QUICK!

I love being a source of inspiration to the salt of the earth, the little, useless people I see scurrying like ants below my skyscraper window, or from the window of my plane, or through the window of my Porsche as I tear through their neighborhoods. So I'm glad when I can leave some useless people tongue-tied and awed.

I am speaking, of course, of the bloggers at Useless Advice from Useless Men who paid tribute to yours truly with a long and incomprehensible (but endearing) blog entry today. They were addressing the question of which of my 101+ Ways to GET RICH QUICK! were best for the average, useless person.

I could only make out the meaning of some of the text, as it appears to be written in Canadian, and I didn't want to interrupt my Canuck interpreter, Olaf, as he was busy clubbing the baby seals for dinner. But what I made out was:

1) My net worth is more than everyone's that they know, or have ever come in contact with, combined.
2) They couldn't choose just one of the 101+ Ways to GET RICH QUICK! because they are all so brilliant and inspiring
3) Somebody put something in the one guy's taco, perhaps a hallucinogenic substance
4) The writer concluded: "I think the best way to get... Rich Quick, is by subscribing to your free newsletter"

I believe that last point was an excellent, excellent observation, even by non-Canadian standards. Wealthbuilding is a journey, and requires a continual investment of time and purchases. So sign up for the GET RICH QUICK! newsletter right now.

I think we've learned an important lesson from the Useless Men today, and that lesson is: No one is truly useless, for great fortunes are made by pooling the resources of the many for the benefit of the few, the great, the truly deserving.

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