Friday, August 18, 2006

Trust, Verify, & Get a Free Psychic Reading!

Check out Trust but Verify's coverage of the Floyd Landis controversy. Although TBV has not come out and said as much, I will assume he's in complete agreement with my position and in admiration of my insight. And since he linked to me and responded to my blatant traffic-whoring with grace and aplomb, I shall reciprocate manyfold to Trust but verify, as is my way. That blog again: Trust but Verify.

TBV also had a fine moneymaking suggestion: Start a religion! In truth, I have started several including Morrism, and the Interfaith church of New Utopia, but TBV has a fine suggestion to get important tips from the best practices of The Church of Scientology. TBV suggests visiting the expose site Operation Clambake as sort of a how-to primer for raking in the dough from... the Masters.

For this excellent tip, TBV is entitled to a FREE PSYCHIC READING from Miss Sara Freeder. Ok, Ok, you can have one too! Just click on the flashing banner ad down on the right. It's the one flashing the words FREE PSYCHIC READING.

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