Tuesday, August 15, 2006

GET RICH QUICK: Become an Exotic Dancer!

Just because you're not exactly a rocket surgeon doesn't mean you can't be a millionaire. You can be! You just need to believe in yourself, and be 100% committed to finding, and exposing, your hidden assets. That's all it takes... that and a diploma from Fawnia's Exotic Dance School & Pole Studio!

Don't have time to earn a four-year degree in lap dancing! No problem. Fawnia's Exotic Dance School takes place right in your own VCR or DVD player. Can't afford to buy the whole "course." No worries: Your husband or boyfriend will buy it for you!*

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Many millionaires got their starts as exotic dancers, escorts and/or call girls: Leona Helmsly, Gwen Hammond, Martha Stewart, Dr. Ruth... The list is endless. Believe me, I have put a few into the upper income bracket all by myself.

Pole dancing is great for:
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Spa Getaways
  • Wedding gift, perfect for second marriages.
  • Getting over your Ex.
  • Winning back your Ex from that trailer trash hooker
  • New Mom’s, feel sexy as you get back into shape!
Gentlemen: Buy your spouse or girlfriend the Exotic Dance School DVD series (Heck, buy a set for each) and show her that you believe in her, that she is beautiful and has tremendous earning potential. She'll thank you for it... and so will your buddies.

*Don't have a husband or boyfriend? Exotic Dancing just might not be the right career for you. Scroll down to view Richard Quick's 101 Ways to Get Rich Quick! There are many choices that do not require face-to-face interaction with the public.


Gwen Hammond said...


Great minds do think alike. With Fawnia's Exotic Dance lessons and the application of my 5-Point Pussy Charisma Plan, ladies everywhere will be soaring to new brass-colored heights of success.

Ladies can learn about my 5-Point Pussy Charisma Plan in my new book "How to Turn Your Pussy Into Gold." Send any inquiries you have my way. We're going to make millionaires out of these people yet!

Gwen Hammond
Author, CEO

lucyloo said...

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