Monday, March 05, 2007


After my conversation with the Smithfield staff neurologist who educated me as to the mental impairment that Vegans are operating under, it occurred to me that Vegans are more to be pitied than to be despised (though the two are not mutually exclusive), and, as my Millionaire Mindset students know, Pity is the soil in the flowerpot of exploitation! Where there is compassion, there is opportunity.

So, the idea hit me that perhaps the first order of business for my newly formed Compassionate Carnivores Club could be to secure funding for a national initiative called "Buy a Vegan a Burger Day"! Your a ten-dollar donation will secure a large, mouthwatering burger for a protein-deprived vegan, plus a side of onion rings deep-fried in animal fat, washed down with a soda in a paper-cup coated in wax rendered from animal by-products. If we get the meals donated by fast-food chains, greasy spoons or meal kitchens, QuickCo will split the $10.00 donations with its Millionaire Mindset independent sales reps, 60/40.

What do you say, students? Are you ready to make some BIG dollars while saving the fuzzy-thinking Vegans from themselves?