Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Are you ready for success?

When I’m sitting on the veranda of my multimillion-dollar home with my family all close around me, I ask myself: What is success?

To me, success is not about my Mercedes, Jaguar or Porsche.

It’s not about my houses in Aruba or Tahiti or the furnished apartment for my mistress.

Success is not about jewels, and fine suits and boats at all.

No, success is about owning those things. And having enough money left over to buy more.

If you would like to experience the kind of success usually reserved for those sitting on lawn chairs in Hawaii on the set of my infomercials, I invite you to read about the great wealth building opportunities on this site and in my books. When you're ready to succeed, get out your checkbook and send me an email that says: Yes, Richard! I'm ready for the good life! I'm ready to Get Rich Quick!

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headcasey said...

Im not quite as rich as you yet dude but im getting there! I will leave this planet the richest man in all of history i can tell you....... YES ME ROBERT G CASEY REMEBER THE NAME WELL .. ... HA AHH HAHA HAHA HE HO HO COUGH COUGH SPLUTTER CHOKE GASP ..... DAMN IT

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

From Robert's Get Rich Now blog (spelling is Robert's): We have all seen the "get rich now" blogs and adds before. Ive seen it all before myself differant so called guru's that promise us untold wealth in a very short space of time. Well im no guru but ive tryed a few of these schemes/scams.

* get paid/pood to complete online serveys for $125 per hour.

Wooooow cool i thought ill have some of that ill be in the carabian in no time. One month later, and only three serveys sent i was $6 dollors richer.
Ive had the misfortune of falling for all of this crap before and i bet a few of you have to.
Robert then puts a lame pitch to click on his affiliate link to this Richard Quick, Esq. wannabe site. You guys are so original, no wonder you eat maggoty pot pie while I dine on lobster and caviar. Couldn't you knock off my site a little less obviously? Get Rich Now? You should be ashamed. RQ

headcasey said...

Accusing me of trying to knock off your site before i had even seen it...... err so no i shouldnt feel ashamed Mr .... er whats your name ...IT DOESENT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!

Richard Quick, Millionaire said...

Headcase: I'm sorry I accused you of knocking off my site. I should have just accused you of being illiterate and left it at that. Poor spelling skills are no laughing matter. RQ