Sunday, April 02, 2006

ASK Millionaire Richard Quick!

Melody writes: Richard I just signed up to learn how to extricate myself from poverty. You're not going to spam me, are you?My brother and I are thinking about going into the business of selling beef jerky to China. Think there's a market there? Melody

RQ responds: Spam? By definition, I cannot spam you, because an email from Richard Quick is a blessing, whether it's about natural male enhancements or helping deposed Nigerian millionaire dictators.
Thank God for you and your brother you contacted me. Your plan is a disaster. China has over a billion people and, at last census, $43.76USD between them. But China has some clear business benefits, including a repressive government, endangered species, and lots of poor people willing to do (and cook) gross stuff. I'd suggest you get the people in China to make a line of "Rich Jerk Jerky" for you to import, with varieties such as Panda Jerky, Tiger Jerky, & the whimsical "Has anyone seen the Cat?" Jerky. Rich jerks here will eat it up. Take it from me.

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