Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Wave of the Future: Dehydrated Water!

It's pure. Refreshing. Compact and easy-to-store. It's the most exciting new product since the microwave fireplace. It's nature's soft drink, new and improved. It's dehydrated water. And now, through the franchise program, it's also a great business opportunity.
I was student teaching at the University of Nigeria years ago when I first heard rumors about renegade scientists conducting late-night water dehydration experiments. We dismissed them as rural legends, the ramblings of madmen, no more plausible than unicorns, platypi or trivia questions printed on Pringles. Now the once-ridiculed geeks, raking in millions from their, are probably surfing water-free waves and catching solar-free rays on the shores of Black Rock Playa. If I can find the website address of, I will post it in coming weeks... Catch this wave, wealthseekers.

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Patrick said...

interesting, sir. interesting.