Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! from George Bush & Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq.

[Pictured, left, the personal Christmas card I received from President George W. Bush. As always, George commissioned to create his original artwork.]

It's been another fantastic year for Millionaire Richard Quick, Esq. (Yes, Virginia, the Rich DO Get richer!) I made a killing in No-Dinar-Down Iraqi Real Estate. It's been a stellar year for my non-profit initiative at the National Association for the Advancement of Wealthy People. And, hopefully, it's been a good year for you in your quest for financial freedom and personal prosperity. If you have listened to me, and made your payments on time, and purchased all of my motivational and instructional books, videos, DVDs, and Viewfinder inserts, then you should be closer to your dream of untold wealth.

THIS will be your YEAR!

I can sense it. I don't just say this to all my website visitors. I can sense that YOU are special. You have potential. YOU have the millionaire mindset. All you lack is motivation. And my new updated RICHARD QUICK'S 99 BUSINESSES YOU CAN START ANYWHERE, EVEN PRISON which will be released later this month.

To help keep my students motivated, I like to give them occasional glimpses into my life, the life of their dreams. Whenever I can do so for free, or without disclosing my actual whereabouts, I will give you such a glimpse. That's why I had one of my outsourced computer workers scan my Christmas card from George Bush (pictured above), so that I can show you the kind of Christmas cards YOU'LL be getting when you are filthy, filthy rich like me.

All of us ultra-wealthy owe George a big thank you. He's a real leader. When foreign nations think that they can intimidate us by killing 2900 of our citizens, George proved them wrong by killing 3,000 himself. Saddam Hussein will think twice before attacking the World Trade Center again, I'll tell you!

God bless King George! God bless you. God bless our war effort. God bless us with a prosperous 2007 with many happy returns (tax and otherwise)!

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